Pre-Legal Debt Recovery:

Rapidly recover your outstanding amounts with Pre-Legal recovery. Our experience in collections shows that our efficient structured communications produce immediate returns from your debtors. All communications are carried out by our experienced and highly effective collections team and in accordance with the most up to date Codes of Conduct & Ethics.

We quickly identify disputes at an early stage and negotiate with the debtor until resolved. Correct execution of the Pre-Legal process ensures there is no other option the to pursue legal action against the debtor.

International Collections:

Negotiating the recovery of international debt in a foreign language can prove difficult and time zone differences present additional obstacles.

Utilising our network of experienced locally situated partners we can offer the ability to collect your debt in 136 countries without the need for you to communicate directly with overseas lawyers or involve yourself with unfamiliar legal systems or local laws.

Whether commercial or consumer debt, low or high value accounts, we can assist you with the collection of your overseas debt while ensuring our compliance with international laws and practices.

Structured processes:

Telephone calls
Demand Letters
Dispute resolution
Skip Tracing